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McWade products are built to order in South Africa for medium and large scale infrastructure projects
and are not directly available to the general public. (We do not keep stock.)

For specific requirements please phone us at +27 11 394 3444 or e-mail

Any of our current solutions can be modified to suit your project

We create solutions to complete your infrastructure projects. In the last 15 years of providing solutions we have developed a range of products. Some of our flagship developments include an array of 19-inch racks/server cabinets, reticulated electrical distribution panels, indoor and out door metal enclosures, fixed and adjustable antenna brackets and other customised metal products.

We believe in developing and manufacturing products in line with our customers’ needs, using our experience in metal fabrication and electrical reticulation to supply high quality, long lasting solutions with a wide range of uses.

Our clients include Blue Chip Companies in the mobile telecommunications industry in South Africa. We export many of our products into Africa to support the increase in infrastructure development for mobile technologies. McWade manufactures to order for medium to large scale projects, out products are not available to the public. Please contact to register as a customer.

Our products are designed to be robust, simple and elegant solutions. We have ISO 9001:2008 certification for our manufacturing and powder coating.

How can we improve our service to you?

Design Options for Export

Reduce the cost of export freight

By reducing the size of the packages we send a large saving is obtained. Our advanced drafting software allows us to optimise our designs to keep the weight of each product to a reasonable minimum.


An array of 19-inch racks/ server cabinets

Reticulated electrical distribution panels

Indoor and out door metal enclosures

Fixed and adjustable antenna brackets

ISO 9001:2008 Certificated

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Various other customised metal products

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