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McWade products are built to order in South Africa for medium and large scale infrastructure projects
and are not directly available to the general public. (We do not keep stock.)

For specific requirements please phone us at +27 11 394 3444 or e-mail

Indoor & Outdoor Cabinets

Weather Proof (up to IP56) for outdoor use

Modular, bolt-in shelves and equipment rails

Various cooling options available

Secure Outdoor Battery Cabinets

Our outdoor Battery Vaults and Secure Equipment Cabinets have been developed for rigours of the South African environment. Our focus was the driving need to protect vital infrastructure inside tough but attractive enclosures. We believe that, though no cabinet is totally impenetrable, we can make the cost of breaking in so high that would be thieves will be discouraged from trying.

McWade Security Cabinet technology seeks to keep access to the interior of the cabinet restricted by ensuring that we minimise any opportunity to break into the cabinet even if all other fences and alarms have been defeated.

The interior of our cabinets are kept cool and dry by either passive air cooling, using DC fans where needed, or by the inclusion of air conditioning units that have been developed for our designs.

To reduce the attach vectors we recommend that cabinets are bolted down to concrete plinths and any cables enter of exit at the bottom of the cabinet and are kept out of sight.

BBS 1.9m Outdoor Cabinet

Where space is at a premium and a smaller capacity cabinet is needed, the BBS 1.9m Cabinet comes to the fore. Built as a battery backup storage solution with various shelving options it can house up to 16 batteries while still allowing space for a PDU and/or rectifier.

The unique 4-point locking system on the door of the BBS 1.9m adds to the security of the enclosure.

In cases where fewer batteries are needed, we can supply the BBS 1.9m Cabinet with longer rails to fit 19-inch or 21-inch rail mounted equipment. With no batteries fitted, the available space on the rails is 21U.

DC extraction fans and foam insulation keep the interior of the BBS 1.9 cool.

BBS Wall Mounted Cabinet

The wall mounted BBS-WM Cabinet is suited for sites in urban areas and can accommodate 4 x 40 A/h batteries and 19” equipment.

The wall mounted unit cuts down on the footprint needed for installations. Fan only ventilation keeps heat build up in check.

Wall mounted cabinets are available in a variety of sizes catering to differing needs of internal hardware. We currently have 21U, 19U and 12U varieties in a similar design.

If no batteries are required our current units can cater for 21U, 19U or 12U of 19-inch equipment.