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McWade products are built to order in South Africa for medium and large scale infrastructure projects
and are not directly available to the general public. (We do not keep stock.)

For specific requirements please phone us at +27 11 394 3444 or e-mail

Creating Lasting Solutions

The Draughting department at McWade uses SolidWorks software packages to prepare designs for manufacture. We believe in delivering the benefits of Computer Assisted Design.

Adapt and Improve

Sheet Metal Fabrication and

Electrical Reticulation

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Metal Cabinets, Enclosures and Brackets

The team at McWade have been manufacturing cabinets, enclosures and brackets to our customers’ specifications since 1997. We follow the KISS approach to design (“keep it simple, sucker”); Though intricate products can be a joy to look at they are often expensive and hard to maintain.

We re-use existing knowledge and proven manufacturing techniques to shorten the time taken to develop new projects. This also ensures solid, durable items for your application.

Electrical Reticulation

All our electrical distribution boards are manufactured in compliance with SANS 10142. Each product is serialised and can be traced through our systems. We can assist you in creating electrical power distribution solutions. Let us assist you in creating electrical power distribution solutions.

Flat Packed Cabinets for Cental Africa

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Information Systems

Mcwade operates on a ERP system: Visual Enterprise Manufacturing. Everything from the creation of quotes to complete manufacturing processes, production scheduling and financials is done in Visual.

SolidWorks Standard is used for all design drawings and 3D simulation.

SolidWorks Simulation Professional software is used for finite element analysis, helping us to refine our designs, identify problem areas for stress and deformation while ensuring the correct safety factors are adhered to.

Various Products

McWade manufactures many different cabinets and accessories.

Battery stands and cabinets, indoor and outdoor. Two tier to four tier accommodating smaller 40 A/hr to 170 A/hr batteries. Solid frame or flat pack for savings on shipping costs.

We also manufacture project based requirements, allowing you to create cabinets or racks to meet your specific design requirements.

Security doors for current outdoor containers and battery cabinets.


At McWade we manufacture a large variety of fixed and adjustable brackets to fit angular lattice or tubular masts of differing sizes.

We also manufacture wall and roof mount support brackets.

Our brackets will allow you to mount poles or equipment to a structure at various distances and orientations.

McWade also supplies poles of various lengths and diameters with or without lightning spikes.

All galvanising of our steel products is done according to SANS ISO 1461

Electrical DB Boards

All our reticulated electrical distribution boards are manufactured in compliance with SANS 10142 and are issued  with a Certificate of Compliance.

Each product is serialised and can be traced through our ERP software, Visual Enterprise.

Design of customised steel enclosures, ensure no holes  or modifications are required while doing site installations.

Let us assist you with our standard or customised  AC and DC electrical power distribution   solutions.

Indoor 19” Cabinets

High quality 19-inch solid Frame Server and Transmission cabinets.

All doors are removable: hinged or drop in. Doors can be solid or perforated for ventilation. Front door can be Glass or Metal.

The 19-inch rails can be adjusted forward or backwards to allow for various manufacturers equipment.

Accessories are available from cable trays,modem trays to reticulated Power Distribution Panels.

Internal Usable Height (“U”) is from  6 U to 47 U. Cabinet width varies from 550 mm Wall mount to 600 mm floor mount. Cabinet depth options  from 350 mm to 1200 mm.

Outdoor Cabinets

High quality, insulated, secure and durable outdoor cabinets made of Stainless Steel, 3CR12 or Mild Steel. Powder Coated.

Option of reticulated cabinet with Certificate of Compliance or cabinet only. Various cabinet sizes are available.

New secure 6-point door locking system and optional inbuilt battery securing systems on request for high risk areas.

Flexible internal racking system to accommodate variations of 19-inch equipment and battery configurations. 21-inch can be done on request.

19-inch Transmission & Server Racks Outdoor Cabinets