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McWade products are built to order in South Africa for medium and large scale infrastructure projects
and are not directly available to the general public. (We do not keep stock.)

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Rural Areas

Air Cooled Battery Stands

We are developing concepts for air cooled battery stands, to reduce the cost of ownership and maintenance on battery stands for rural areas.

Designed for Export

Shipping cabinets partially assembled and completing assembly on site can greatly reduce the cost of export projects

At McWade we have developed several unique solutions that involving flat packed or collapsible racks and cabinets. With exports, reducing package sizes results in huge savings on freight costs.

Cabinets for Africa

Case Study: Battery Cabinet for Export to Africa

Where a cabinet contains a large amount of free space it may be viable to create a flat packed version. Our flat packed products are designed for simplicity. Products are partially assembled to make them easy to deploy and keep the work on site to a minimum.

By reducing the volume of the Battery Cabinet packages on one project in Tanzania we managed to increase the number of cabinets in a container from 54 units to 102 units. We reduced the number of containers needed for a typical consignment from 12 down to 7. On road freight this resulted in a large cost saving.

The best deals on shipping flat packing products are realised through road, rail or sea transport where you pay for the volume each package takes up, though there are still benefits to flat packing for air freight.

How can we help you make it happen?

Intelligent Design

Finite Component Analysis

By performing finite component analysis on 3-D models of products we can keep material use, and weight, to a minimum.

Reduced package size and freight costs

Ship greater volumes of product at the same time

Export documents prepared

McWade is a SADC registered exporter


Flat Pack Battery Stands

Flat Packed Racks & Cabinets

Brackets for Export

54 x assembled cabinets on pallets 102 x flat packed cabinets on pallets A number of our designs can be shipped partially assembled: Fully Assembled: Flat Packed: